Wroclaw Dwarves

Wroclaw dwarfs - Small sculptures of dwarfs, in a still increasing number, have been placed in Wrocław successively since 2005. They originate from graffiti painted in the 1980s, followed by happenings organized by the 'Orange Alternative' movement that ridiculed the peaceful communist system. After the fall of the Polish People's Republic, the gnomes were forgotten until August 2005, when the Wrocław sculptor Tomasz Moczek set the first five gnomes. Dwarf figures have become an integral part of urban space and a social phenomenon. New characters are created by artists from all over Poland, and their guardians are public institutions, companies, and private individuals. Special trips are organized along the gnomes' trail, outdoor games, theater performances, and issued maps for tourists who want to combine finding more figurines with visiting Wroclaw. Dwarfs in Wroclaw have already permanently inscribed in the city landscape. There are already over 500 and more are coming every now and then.

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