The Zwierzyniecki Bridge

The Zwierzyniecki Bridge from its construction has been a very important point in the architecture of Wrocław. Throughout the years the name, construction, and material that it’s made of have changed. Since 1655 crossing the river was possible by a wooden footbridge, which was then changed in 1704 to Przepustkowy Bridge. It was the time of the plague, and the crossing place was a checkpoint where sick where separated from the healthy.

The final construction by Karl Klimm and Richard Pludeman was created by the end of the 19th century.

Zwierzyniecki Bridge is an important element linking the city center with the fast-growing part of the city. Its construction is a truss and an additional charm is given by four obelisks made of red sandstone, decorated with secession ornaments on which elements of Wrocław emblem and important dates from the bridge’s life are presented.

The mysterious charm of the bridge is revealed when stylish lamps are on.

Just behind Zwierzyniecki Bridge, You may find Zoo, open in 1865, the oldest in polish land and the biggest by the number of animals. Its area is 33 hectares. The year 2015 is the zoo’s 150 anniversary and because of that a unique and breathtaking Africarium was created.

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