Saint Wojciech Church

The church was built in the 12th century. Based on Pope’s decision it was given in 1226 to Dominicans who came from Kraków.

An unusual event took place happened during the Mongol invasion. Tradition says that the miraculous defense of the city castle from Mongols happened because Dominican prior Czesław Odrowąż prayed for it. It says that because of his prayers there was a ball of fire in the sky and it terrified the invaders. The coffin of blesses Czeław is placed in a chapel near the church. He has announced the patron of the city.

During WWII is was severely damaged so when you go inside, please take a look at the main portal dating begging of the 14th century.

Wojciech church is a popular place among catholic students, there are many ministries and groups for teenagers.

Near the church, when to go towards the railway station, there is very interesting and worth seeing place, Partisans Hill. This is what is left from what was once Bastionie Sakwowym in a system of city fortifications, where after the city walls were demolished, is a recreational hill.

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