Puppet Theater

Puppet Theater of Wrocław is a building of an old Tradesman Resursa. The neo-baroque building was designed by Blummer and built-in 1892-94 and an expansion of it in 1905-09 was designed by A. Grau. On the east side of the building, there is a beautiful terrace connected to a promenade going by the city moat down to the Copernicus park and Partisans Hill.

The theater of a puppet and an actor started in Wrocław in 1946. In the coming years the location, administration, and artistic vision of a theater changed. Since the 63/64 season and the Stanisław Stapf ownership quick development of a theater was noticed. That man reached an agreement with the Society of Polish-Russian Friendship to get access to some of the rooms of the building on the Theatrical square. Since then the name of this institution is Wrocław Puppet Theater. In 1967 the administration of the theater set up a little scene for adults. Up to 1993, the Puppet Theater coexisted with the Society of Industrial Cooperation Polish-East in the same building. On December 23, 1993, the president of Wrocław, Bogdan Zdrojewski gave the whole building to the theater.

In 1995 Wrocław Puppet Theater initiated the Kids Artistic Academy project. Its goal is to educate artistically the youngest audience. Right now the theater is organizing the exhibition of its most precious puppets and props from its show.

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