Partisans Hill

Partisans Hill is a remaining of an old Sakw Bastion which was a part of city fortifications. After the demobilization of city walls on an order of french invaders in 1807 a recreational hill was set up and after the construction of a belvedere in 1867 was renamed to Liebichs Hohe. In 1932 on the southern-west side of a hill a statue of german soldiers killed in the colonies in Africa, China, and Oceania. The statue was designed by Walter Hierse and Maximilian Shmergalski. In 1945 a statue was destroyed and the hill was renamed to the Hill of Love and then to the Partisans Hill.


Paths from both the north and west sides can take you to the top of the hill. As well you can get there by representative stairs from the south side. In 1967 the was a construction disaster on these stairs. The renovation of the stairs and the gallery after the accident was made a few years later in 1973-1974.


Buildings on the Partisans Hill even after many years after WW2 were empty or closed. In the old casemates for a short period of time was a Historical Museum. After the 1990 and next renovation of the buildings, its old destination was set back. From then there are only clubs, restaurants although its role and owners constantly change. Now the hill is decaying.

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