Old Stock Exchange

Old Stock Exchange - a monumental, representative public building in Wrocław, at 16 Solny Square. The building was initially the representative seat of Wrocław Christian merchants and the first seat of the Wroclaw Stock Exchange].

Then the building housed the City Bank, the Water Freight Society, the Customs Audit Office, the Street Control Institute, and a construction corporation whose goods were delivered by barges, among others to Basel and Berlin. At the beginning of the 20th century, the building was rebuilt, changing, among other stair arrangements to adapt the building to the public function.

In 1945, the building was slightly damaged, and immediately after the war, it became the seat of various institutions, including the Technical Department of the Municipal Board of Wrocław, the Building Archive, and later the bank. In 1992, the Old Stock Exchange building was put up for sale at the Cannes Fair. The building was purchased in 1994, and thoroughly restored in 2003, now it serves as an office building. There are two restaurants in the basement.

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