Market Hall

The beginnings of the market hall are dated in the 20th century. On that date a german architect Richard Pludemann came to town as a new construction counsel. At his order, the open-air market was closed and he planned to build municipal market halls. Its target was to order the trading market and to improve hygienic conditions.

Where now you can see the market hall in the 14th century there used to be a Lubusz Bishops mansion. Two centuries later it was rebuilt into Sand Arsenal which was destroyed in 1905.  As the symbol of this story stone cannonballs were built into the north wall of the market hall tower.

The facade of the building is modeled on the stock exchange in Amsterdam it has features referring to the medieval trend of historicism, while the interior is completely modernist.

The hall in front of which you are now standing survived in almost unchanged shape and is open every day excluding Sundays and holidays.

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