Lower Silesian Voivodship Office

Voivodship Office - is a building located at Powstańców Warszawy Square 1, built-in 1939–1945 as Regierungspräsidium, rebuilt and plastered after the war. The designer was Felix Bräuler, who used the body of Alexander Müller and Ferdinand Schmidt. The facade was associated with the New Reich Chancellery in Berlin. The building is well-plastered brick with characteristic white window woodwork, carefully framed with sandstone, which is particularly visible in the second-floor lane. Depressed entrance portico, so popular in the Third Reich, explicitly refers to the New Reich Chancellery, just like "Radio na Karkonoskiej", or to the ZOO, which is an analog of the Brandenburg Gate. During the war, the building received one massive hit on the front wing from the Grunwald Bridge. In addition, it did not suffer too much, after a short time giving the opportunity to make films on its territory on war-related topics. The building itself is in the form of a block stretched in line with the course and the Odra riverbed. The inner two wings are defined by three courtyards to which access from the side of the building leads. The portico adorns both facades from both the square and the Oder, where a monumental grandstand was also built, which was designed to serve river parades (new for those times). The building is covered with a gable, flattened roof interrupted above the porticos.

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