Grunwaldzki Square

Grunwaldzki Square was build in the last weeks of WW2 during the Festung Breslau. On April 1st, 1945 the Red Army took over an airport in the suburbs of Wrocław. Then one of the German officials Karl Hanke decided to build an airport in the middle of the city. To achieve that plenty of buildings were destroyed in this area. The construction took place under heavy gunfire of Soviet aircraft and a lot of citizens and workers sacrificed their lives to finish the construction. Only two planes managed to start from that airport. One with injured habitats on April 10th, 1945, and the second one on may the 5th with Karl Hanke on it escaping the city.

After WW2 the square turned to be the biggest marketplace in Wrocław. In the 50s city, the council started to plan what to do with this area. Firstly in the middle of the square new universities were built: University of Technology, Environmental Academy, and later a Wrocław University with dorms. In march 2006 Grunwaldzki square was under major rebuilt. Now you can find there a shopping center with an integrated bus and tram stops.

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