Grunwald Bridge

Grunwald bridge is the biggest hanging bridge in Wrocław. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century right before the World War 1. At the beginning the was named the Emperor's Bridge, then Freedom Bridge and Hitlers Bridge. It was designed by the same architect that designed Market Hall Richard Pludemann the new construction counsel. The bridge was opened in 1910 in presence of emperor Wilhelm the Second.

There are a lot of legends about the Grunwald Bridge. One of them says that the architect found some miscalculations and he was sure that the bridge would not be strong enough to support the weight of people so he tried not to let the bridge be opened. Because no one took his considerations seriously the architect hang himself on the bridge the day before the opening. Until today the bridge works perfectly normal and serves Wrocławs citizens.

After World War 2, the bridge was rebuilt and now it looks especially good in the evening.

While you see Grunwald Bridge you could as well visit Grunwaldzki square. It was built during World War 2 during Festung Breslau. As in 1945, the Red Army took over Wrocławs airport, Karl Hanke made a decision to build a new one in the city. A lot of buildings were destroyed for a new airport. The construction took a lot of victims. Only 2 airplanes took off from the new airport. One of them with Karl Hanke onboard running away.

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