Four Denominations District

Wrocław is called not only a city of meetings but also a city of tolerance. There is a historic place created by the initiative of clergymen: catholic, orthodox, protestant and Jewish activists.

This area of Old Town between streets: Kazimierza Wielkiego, św. Antoniego, Pawła Włodkowica, and św. Mikołaja is called The tolerance district or The district of 4 religions. It’s a world phenomenon because 4 churches: Lutheran, Roman Catholic Church, orthodox church, and synagogue are situated no more than 300meters next to each other.

This enterprise was taken as a reaction to stop vandalism, prejudice, intolerance. the representatives of different churches and religious associations are organizing together charity events, educational meetings, ecumenic prayers to bring cultural and religious diversity closer to citizens.

We especially recommend visiting restaurants and pubs located in Włodkowica street (old Jewish street). It may surprise you but there are no old buildings except the Paulin Church. It is because in 1794 when the gunpowder tower exploded in a place of New Market, it caused a huge fire that burned the western part of town.

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