City Market

Wrocław City Market is one of the biggest marketplaces in Europe.  Its surface is almost 3,8 ha. Right next to the Market, which used to be one of the three main marketplaces, there are two other municipal marketplaces: Salt Square and New Market Square. What is interesting, both of them are still being used.

The city hall is placed in the center of the market. This a late gothic building with a 66 meters high Tower. In the underground, there is a Świdnicka basement, which is one of the oldest restaurants in Europe. As the legend says, there is an underground passage from the City hall to the river where wine barrels used to be stored. They were transported to the city by river Odra. Until today only one passage is still there. The entrance is located on the right side of the city hall entrance and it goes west to apartments Old City Hall.

The market is surrounded by 60 apartment houses founded by Wrocław patricians. The building that stands out is the modernistic one built in the 1930s next to Salt Square. The New City Hall is situated in the central point of the market, was build in the XIX century. While at the market there is an Aleksander Fredro statue, a famous polish author. Previously it was situated in Lwów. In the 2000s near the statue on Dove Square, a fountain named Zdrój (Spring) was built.  Those of you who are more attentive can find an apartment of Seven Electors on the western part of the market. Above the entrance, there is a two-headed Habsburgs eagle, a reminder that while the emperor visited the city, he used to stay at that place. Your attention may be drawn by Apartment Under Griffins at the end of the western wall. It is the biggest baroque bourgeois apartment in Poland. 

In the market, you can often meet street artists, musicians, and handicraft sellers. Very common are concerts, movie shows, and many other events.

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