Cathedral Island

This is the oldest and most historic part of the city. The island is surrounded by the Odra river which once was the main mean of transport in Wrocław and it supposes to defend the city. Ostró Tumski was the first part of Lower Silesia where people start to accommodate. In the western part of the island, there is small gothic St. Marcin church. It is the only reminder of the old Piast castle. The Eastern part of Ostrów belonged to Wrocławs Bishop. In 11th-century first cathedral church was built and it replaced a small church that was there before.

In 1215 whole island was sold to the church authorities and since then it was under church jurisdiction. A lot of Wrocławs outlaws used to take advantage of that. In Ostrów Tumski was a rule that ordered people to take off their hats on the island after crossing landmarks. That rule also applied to those who wore crowns on their head.

Since 1824 when one of the Odra’s prong was buried Ostrów Tumski became a mainland. Till today the reparations of whole Ostrów Tumski are being made to bring back its splendor.

At Ostrów Tumski there are two monuments worth watching. First are Mills Bridges and the second one is Tumski Bridge also known as Bridge of Love. According to a legend a couple that would lock a padlock on that bridge with their names on it and throws the key to the river they stay together forever.

When you get off the bridge on the right side you can see some photos showing the devastation that touched Cathedral and Ostrów Tumski during Festung Breslau in the last moments of World War 2. On the northern span of the Bridge of Love, you can see holes after artillery fire.

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