St. John Baptist cathedral is the most valuable monuments in Wrocław. The one that stands there now is 4th build here. The first church was build in the 10th century. The construction of the current gothic cathedral one began in 1244. Legends say that the process was delayed because bishop Tomasz was kidnapped by prince Boleslaw Rogatka. Cathedral in Wrocław is believed to be the first gothic temple in Poland. If you look from the south side you would see that the cathedral was made by combining two different buildings. The Eastern side, the older one, shows some early gothic features such as two towers. The western part is middle gothic. While the cathedral was built, two parts missed each other by 30 cm. You can see that from the south side. By the end of the 16th century, only the northern tower was completed. The cathedral was officially opened in 1348.

During World War 2 the cathedral was almost destroyed. The rebuilding is still going on.

Nearby there are three other churches worth seeing: St. Peters and St. Pauls church, St. Cross and St. Bartholomew's Church, and St. Idzis church. Also, there is a beautiful botanical garden. It was built in 1811 in a place where city walls used to be, destroyed on Napoleon's order and buried Odra prong. Wrocławs botanical garden is the second oldest garden in Poland.

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